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” Ingrid continues to justify her actions, saying that “if a gentleman is willing to invite me into it, he is telling me that relationship is not solid.” Ingrid, who’s been married and divorced twice, says she’s “pretty certain” that her husbands cheated on her, though they denied it. “Women can do things to set themselves up to be victimized in this way. So what you need to do is give yourself permission to walk out the door and say ‘I’d rather take the risk of being alone than stay here and be used and abused.’ And then you can begin to forgive yourself for ever being in this to begin with.

“A married man will not make himself available if he is happy at home.” Dr. He asks: “What the hell right does that give you to inject yourself into the relationship? Phil tells her: “If you’re going to have to take a risk of freefalling into a world where you have no committed partner, wouldn’t you rather do it now than later? Phil adds, “The only thing worse than wasting eight years of your life is wasting eight years and one day.He's attractive, attentive and everything else you've ever wanted in a man, so breaking it off is difficult. Opening your eyes to the full reality of the situation will make it easier to end what is, in truth, an unhealthy relationship.There is no secure future when you are dating a married man.Relationships born out of affairs survive less than 5 percent of the time. If he's living this deception with you today, how could you ever trust him if you did get into a legitimate relationship with him? You'll hurt, you'll feel broken-hearted, but you'll be better off.Take some time to get really clear with yourself about who you are and what you want.

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