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Nvidia has partnered with other companies to offer the NForce 680i SLI series motherboard to consumers.

Nvidia offers its engineering expertise in the making of the motherboard, while authorized partners sell and support the hardware.

It will detect in Device Manager as an “Unknown Device”. This device also controls the eee PC specific hotkeys.

For example the ability to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi Fi radios from within windows.

Step 4: Drivers and Optimisation Drivers Windows 7 actually detects more hardware directly after install than Windows XP does.

All of the hardware detects normally except the ASUS ACPI driver.

This guide will tell you how to acquire Windows 7, prepare a flash drive to install Windows 7, and to acquire the necessary drivers after installation is finished. A lot of guides will tell you you have to run compact on the drive.

In most situations, people replace a motherboard when the BIOS is damaged beyond repair, but considering the price of motherboards, especially those built for portable devices, he simply refused to go that route.

I flashed the bios to newer versions and older versions and still did not work.

Ireplaced the MB to DAU cable and still did not recognize it.

He couldn’t program the flash chip in-circuit, so he had to desolder it and deadbugged it onto his programmer.

Using a few Linux-based flashing tools, he was able to reprogram the chip with a functioning BIOS in short order, saving him from a costly motherboard replacement.

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What I have tried: I replaced the hard drive and still didn't recognize it.

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