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The Len & Mid bits are to stop initials, or people putting in "S J ". And no single person has more than three or four names total?

Validation can be defined by many different methods, and deployed in many different ways.For convienece you may add the Let's say you want to validate something specific to your app domain that isn't provided by the default validators, for example lets validate a user coupon on checkout.If it is a valid coupon then you discount it for him, if not he pays the full price :( Here is a list of our valid coupons: . The process of validation is as follows: we take the input and send it to backend, the response should determine if the coupon is valid which is up to you. One thing to note in this example is that you only need to use the directive on one of the radio buttons, you don't need to attach it on every one, they all must share the same name though.Looking to stop people putting initials in the First / Last name fields, plus any special characters that you would not associate with a name.I've got something, although it is coming unstuck on names like Mc Gowan or Mac Gowan.

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Imagine trying to authenticate a user nameed "Foo'or True Or'foo" — no "dangerous" characters, but there goes your login scheme.

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