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Believing the information would be confidential, Mrs Allan felt able to offload other pieces of private family information, including details of her past, sometimes violent relationship with the boys' father.

Meanwhile, Stewart's head teacher, who had declared herself to be “the voice of all the children in the school”, called a multi-agency meeting, from which Mrs Allan was deliberately excluded, to discuss concerns about his wellbeing.

HIV is a treatable condition and people living with HIV can live as long a life as people who are not infected if they are diagnosed on time.

The chances of passing on HIV at this stage are high.

If you have these symptoms and are concerned it is important to test.

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When the 102 passengers on board the Mayflower stepped off their battered ship and onto American soil, they could hardly have imagined what they'd started.

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1982-86 Ph D Health Informatics, University of Nottingham.

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